When it comes to the transportation of oversize/heavy haul loads, Worldwise S Corp. provides special trucks and trailers as well as experienced and knowledgeable drivers specialized in this area of service. We’re more than able to accommodate your shipments with the proper permits, and special routings to be able to travel throughout the highways in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Special attention to detail is given to these loads which we utilize oversize/over dimensional equipment for on a truckload basis.

We consider the importance of researching accurate dimensions, weight, routes and state laws applicable to every heavy haul load transported. No shipment is too tall or too heavy that our trained experienced drivers can’t transport safely. We provide pilot cars (escorts) when required on these specialized shipments as well. Whether your over-dimensional/heavy haul shipment needs require one of our specialty trailers, permits such as state or county permits, or escorted services, Worldwise S Corp. is the number one heavy haul transportation specialist for you.


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